Leasing (HP) is usually the cheapest form of financing if you want to own the car at the end of the deal. This is because you make larger payments, which allows you to pay the balance faster, which reduces the cost of interest. You own the car at the end of the contract with Hire Purchase, so if the car loses value unexpectedly, you lose if you sell it, because the car will be worth less than expected at this point. A custom contract (PPC), often referred to as a personal contract plan, is a form of financing of rental vehicles for individual buyers, which has similarities with the personal rent of the contract and with a traditional rental purchase (purchase in installments). In the case of a PCP agreement, you pay fixed monthly payments. This means that during the agreed period, you won`t have any surprising bad increases. Monthly payments are determined by different factors. A key determinant is the size of the deposit you place at the beginning. The higher the deposit you deposit, the less your payments will be. The deposit amount is usually available in three options. In the meantime, if the car is depreciated, then insurance would generally pay for the value of the car at the time. This is addressed to the financial company, which owns the vehicle during the PCP contract. If so, you could come out of your pocket.

One of the main advantages of a personal purchase contract is that it offers protection against a sudden and unexpected loss of value from the car you are driving. Once you`ve made all your monthly payments, you can simply return the car without paying more. Although it is worth thousands of pounds less than its optional final payment, also known as the Guaranteed Minimum Value for the Future (GMFV). Much like conditional selling, the PCP is a simple agreement if you are looking for easy-to-honour payments and a short-term agreement. PCP allows you to budget effectively with multiple options at the end of your contract. This allows for flexibility, especially if you are not sure what you want to do with your vehicle at the end of your contract, or if you are asking for monthly payments lower than a standard lease-sale. The trade With the car is always on the cards. Instead of simply returning your car to the end of the contract, you can exchange it and move into a new model. The financial company guarantees the minimum value of the vehicle at the time of the expiry of the contract (subject to mileage and condition).