Laylah Richardson

Property Manager
Mobile 0456 601 160

Starting at the young age of 21, Laylah began her journey into the Real Estate industry by becoming a Receptionist for a high profile company located in Applecross. Throughout her first year, she watched the Property Management sector and aided the Property Managers… this was the start of her growing passion to become a Property Manager herself.

In November 2006, she was offered a position in Property Management which she eagerly accepted. Working under some of the best Property Managers throughout her years, she thrived on the different aspects it had to offer, constantly absorbing everything she could and thoroughly enjoying it. Due to the high level of service she provides to both owners and tenants, she has been recognised due to her performance on two separate occasions within the Property Management industry.

She LOVES to learn, and as such she has delved into both the Residential & Commercial Property Management sectors.

12 years later, she still has that passion burning and strives to offer the best possible service she can.