After the ratification of a bilateral treaty or an important bilateral agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proceeds with the formalities of exchanging the instruments of ratification with the other party. After the ratification of a multilateral treaty or an important multilateral agreement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries out the formalities for filing the ratification instrument with the State of Deposit or an international organization. The ratification instrument is signed by the President of the People`s Republic of China and countersigned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 3) the head of a government department of the People`s Republic of China, which negotiates and signs agreements reached on behalf of its division, unless the parties agree otherwise; (4) a person who is sent by the People`s Republic of China to an international conference or who is accredited to an international organization and who is at the same time the representative for the negotiation of contracts or agreements within that conference or organization, unless the conference has otherwise agreed or has other provisions in the organization`s constitution. Article 19 The procedures for amending, repealing and terminating contracts and agreements concluded by the People`s Republic of China follow mutatis mutandis the procedures for concluding the treaties and agreements concerned. Article 18 Procedures for the conclusion by the People`s Republic of China of a contract or agreement with an international organization are in accordance with this law and the constitution of the relevant international organization. Article 8 After the signing of agreements and other acts of the type of contract that are not covered by paragraph 2, Article 7 of this Law, which is subject to approval, as prescribed by the Council of State or as agreed by the contracting parties, submits for approval, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the services concerned by the Council of State. 1. Friendship and cooperation treaties, peace treaties and other similar political treaties; Article 2 This Act applies to bilateral or multilateral treaties and agreements as well as other instruments of the type of intergovernmental state or agreement between the People`s Republic of China and foreign states.

Law PKU (UniMelb-Mitarbeiter – StudentZugang). The database of Sino-foreign international treaties contains all the currently effective international agreements concluded by the Chinese government with foreign governments (including Chinese sardique in Hong Kong), both in Chinese and English. This database contains more than 1100 contracts.