This cartoon was published on the day the Data Protection Act (RGPD) came into force. Most people will have seen a lot of privacy policies updated in a week or two before this legislation comes into force. And although xkcd is probably outside the jurisdiction that the law can enforce, it technically enters the scope of the law (as certainly EU citizens visit xkcd). This extraterritorial applicability is one of the key keys to this regulation and can be accessed in more detail on the EU RGPD information portal. The statement mentions “agreement” in several places — my understanding of a privacy policy is that it is more of a promise than an agreement; The entity that declares the directive is bound to my agreement or not. It sets out rules that the site operator will comply with when obtaining consent, which I think is different from an agreement. 17:35, May 28, 2018 (UTC) E.U.L.A. is the abbreviation for the end-user license, a license that software publishers often attach to their software, but which people generally don`t read. Consent to an E.U.L.A. is accepted when a user uses the software or service that uses euW.L.A. is related to what led to a case in which users actually unknowingly consented to their immortal souls under a clause in an EuL.A. to give.

However, in the European Union, all the provisions of these agreements that are not yet codified by law are not legally applicable, unless they are read and agreed before the purchase and first use. It is also a reference to the seal of the CD sleeve that say: “By tearing this seal, you accept the attached license agreement”, As it is obvious that Mephistopheles has already entered Exhibit 18:19, March 25, 2014 (UTC) The title refers to Shakespeare`s “Storm,” in which the witch Sycorax imprisoned Sprite Ariel in a Cloven jaw before Prospero rescued Ariel. As this clause cannot be circumvented by anything other than a restart of your computer, it may also wonder how difficult it is often to opt out of privacy policy agreements and other forms that need to be filled out on the site, for anything that may appear as an option. The fact that it appears as a title, similar to a footnote that a carefree reader of the privacy policy may not notice at first glance, may also continue the joke of small but unexpected clauses hidden in the middle of a long block of Legalese, to which users who have not read it have accepted it. I was expecting to see an entry into the agreement, something like “Cookies can be used depending on how the server is peckish”:-) Olireading (talk) 10:03, 3 June 2018 (UTC) There are several references to this law, but several jokes are also included about how people treat privacy policies in particular, and user agreements in general. Everyone is unquestionably in agreement with my personal tastes and my faith. This comic didn`t allow me to unplug everything Trump ever tried to pay; That`s why Randall owes me 300, 000 euros. 05:54, 26 May 2018 (UTC) What is the agreement with the “Created by a Bot” that prepares relevant jokes about what created the declaration? I didn`t search exhaustively, but I didn`t find any references on other chat sites.