Support services for each product are limited to the hardware, platforms and operating systems mentioned in the product system requirements documentation. Adobe has the right to modify or cease the manufacture and development of any of the products and support available for these products at any time, provided Adobe agrees not to discontinue product support for the customer`s paid support period, subject to termination clauses in the end-user license agreement between the customer and Adobe. or these terms and conditions. Under no circumstances do such changes in support during the customer`s support period at the time result in: (a) decreased support of the level of assistance specified in it; (b) significantly reduced obligations for Adobe; or (c) significantly reduced customer fees. Adobe will make significant changes to eligible support services available to the customer sixty (60) days before written notification. Identical problem situations in test systems should normally justify a lower priority of one level than the equivalent priority of a production system. The following provision applies: purchase of on-demand maturity licenses, on-demand services and management services, as well as indeterminate on-premise license purchases only if the customer is registered in a maintenance and support program. As is the case here, upgrades mean an upgrade to a product that consists of a new version of the product, or a modification or improvement in the performance or functionality of the product that are available in the current version of that product. At its discretion, Adobe can offer the customer an upgrade to a product. All upgrades are made available to the customer on a licensing basis. The issuance of such an upgrade by Adobe on a product serves as a substitute for copies of the product previously granted to the customer and will not be provided in the form of additional copies. Copies of the replaced products must be destroyed. The customer`s use of an upgrade provided by Adobe is subject, if applicable, to the updated terms of use and limitation of the relevant end-user license agreement.

Purchasing Assistance Services before May 23, 2016 The problem causes serious operational interruptions, or the problem has a negative impact on the launch of production systems across the company. In a production system, important tasks cannot be accomplished, but the error does not affect essential operations. Transformation may continue to be limited. The integrity of the data may be compromised. In a development system, the problem prevents the provision.