The accounting contract can help professionals quickly recognize a client`s intentions. The liberal professions here have the opportunity to demand clarification on aspects that are not clear. On the other hand, there is room to consult with professionals to identify false statements that may plunge the professions into problems in the future. In addition to strengthening your accounting skills, the contract will allow professionals to work competitively without fear of abuse. The discipline of work is also widely practiced, which leads to measurable expectations of the clientele. The liberal professions would like to develop each other; Therefore, the agreement document will help them demonstrate and measure their capabilities in this area. Therefore, all parties to this contract agree to the following terms, taking into account the terms of this accounting agreement, which are duly confirmed by the electronic signature of both parties: 2. Price of service. The client agrees to compensate the accountant with 0-hour and the accountant charges the client for the hours worked at the end of each month. The accountant makes available to the client a broken bill for every 30 calendar days. Each invoice must be fully paid by the customer within 30 days of receipt. All expenses or expenses not mentioned in this accounting agreement must be approved in writing by the client prior to bill counting; or 0 Client pays n.20_____ per month for services provided with a minimum of hours of work per month.

The next articles will focus on the accountant`s payment. We begin with this report in the second article (“Redevances II”). You must mark one of the co-write boxes in this section to describe the accountant`s rate of pay. If the client pays an hourly rate, check the first pay-as-you-go box and fill in the dollar amount the client must pay the accountant for each hour of work on the empty line between the dollar mark and “the time to provide the services.” When a lump sum is paid to the accountant for services, he makes available the second box to cost and declares all the money that the accountant receives on the empty line after the words “fixed amount”. If none of these options correctly describes the accountant`s rate of pay for this agreement, check the third cot box (“Other”).