At Boston University, applying for admission and financial assistance as an early decision candidate tells us that you know what you want from your university experience and you are passionate about pursuing your goals. That`s why we`re happy to work with you and your family through the process of applying for financial assistance. Applicants to the Distinguished Scholar Binding Early Decision Program or the “BU-Bound” Binding Decision Program may apply to other law schools, but not to other mandatory decision-making programs. To be considered for both programs, you must accept that if you are admitted to the BU Act, you will withdraw all pending applications from other law schools within five days and will not submit additional applications to other law schools. To be considered for a binding decision, you must indicate that you are applying through the corresponding program and sign and submit a mandatory decision-making contract in the form of a supplementary form. Early decisions I and II differ only in terms of the time it takes to file applications. For the first decision I, you must apply by November 1 and know our decision by December 15. For the advance decision II, you must apply by January 1 and know our decision by February 15. Regular decision applicants who wish to be considered for our defined benefit scholarship until November 1 through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars program must apply by November 1. No separate application is required. The finalists will be informed of their status and an official offer of welcome until February 1. All other candidates with a regular decision will receive their admission decisions by April 1. The early decision is a binding agreement that is only available to high school students for admission in September.

If you have no choice at the time of application and/or if you wish to make your decision about the university after considering several offers of admission and financial support, we advise you to apply by regular decision. If you apply through the “BU-Bound” Decision Program, you will receive a decision by February 1. There is no rollover in the usual pool of candidates. However, if you are offered a place on the waiting list, you no longer have to participate in BU Law. Candidates admitted to the BU-Bound Binding Decision program are not included for performance awards. Applicants who require financial support for registration should not apply through the BU-Bound Decision Program, but through the regular decision-making program. Ba`s applicants may qualify for a needs-based bursary, but these decisions will not be made until after the filing period for the BU Bound program has expired. The finalists of the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program will be informed of their status in early January. These students will be invited at our expense in mid-February to the job interview and evaluation at Boston University. They will be informed of the final decisions shortly thereafter.

Please note that we cannot publish authorization decisions over the phone. Yes, yes. During the 2019-20 admission cycle, Boston College received 2,750 applications for early decisions (ED I and II combined). 37% of ed applicants were approved and filled 42% of the class in 2024. During the ordinary decision, the remaining 58% of the class was filled with a pool of candidates of nearly 27,000 applications. The admission rate for regular decision-making candidates was 24%. Applicants who are confident that Boston University (BU Law) is their first choice can obtain a priority review and express their commitment to participate in LAW by applying through one of two mandatory decision options: the Distinguished Scholar Early Binding Decision Program and the “BU-Bound” Binding Decision Program.