Does the UVU assume responsibility for returning to the workplace with COVID-19? Employees who have been exposed to LA COVID-19 and are not required to report for work must, with the consent of their supervisor, use leave or teleworkers to work. Permission to work from home is verified and approved on a case-by-case basis. Superiors are encouraged to offer part-time workers flexibility in their working hours. Part-time workers must coordinate hours with their supervisors and, if necessary, develop a plan to create hours. With the agreement of the supervisor, employees may be able to work more hours to work missed hours, but may not exceed 123 hours per month of schedule. What if I don`t talk about the necessary tools (computer, software, etc.) to work from home? Given the diversity of the work of eiS staff, there is no consistent answer to this question, but there are guidelines. As a people manager, please read the training and guide on the UvUs Return to Campus website. It provides great information and a variety of resources to help you. As this manual shows, if the work of a staff member and your service/service allow for continuous remote work (partial or complete), the employee may request remote work and his or her work may be done remotely and not interfere with the university`s duties.

Given the looming COVID 19 pandemic, including its economic impact, as well as the tax change from April 15 to July 15, the EIS expects state legislation to convene several extraordinary meetings in the coming months to ensure fiscal stability for the state. The UVU is in a very good financial situation with contingencies and reserves for rainy days. In addition, the university`s management is preparing to react to possible financial cuts. These preparations include guidelines for temporary personal data and guidelines for temporary financial resources. When an employee calls sick, how long does it take to stay home? What guide would you give office managers where all the work can be done remotely, who pushed employees back to campus from June 8, to sit in isolation in closed offices and meet through teams that could both be done in a safer environment from home? What is our goal as a supervisor with the balance of the house with the time to work on campus? Can employees who can work from home continue to do so? 04-08-2020 TWT Response: For many years, the Summer University has been an excellent time for our university family, to come together as collaborators, to build friendships, unity and establish academic pride through service. Unfortunately, due to the current requirements of our employees, COVID-19 and changes in our life on campus, it is currently not possible to relocate the Summer University online. We look forward to next year`s event and the wonderful opportunity to be back with you.