NOTE that this facilitation should not lead to illegal immigration and that it should pay particular attention to security and readmission, 1. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and the Russian Federation establish entry bans for categories of citizens, for a maximum of five years: to this end, Regulation (EC) 1806/2018 (Article 7) provides for a reciprocity mechanism for the issuance of visas. The agreements provide for a reduction in the fee owed to third-country nationals when they have applied for a Schengen visa. With the exception of the Cape Verde agreement, the visa fee has been set at 35 euros (per application) in all other visa facilitation agreements. In addition, fees are issued for many categories of citizens depending on your travel goal. 3. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and the Republic of Azerbaijan issue multiple entry visas, valid for at least two years and a maximum of five years for the categories of persons covered in paragraph 2; provided that they have, in the last two years, one-year multiple-entry visas in accordance with the laws on entry and residence of the state visited, unless the need or intention to travel frequently or regularly are clearly limited to a shorter period, with the validity of the multiple-entry visa limited to that period. When applicants are required to obtain a date for submitting an application, the order is usually made within two weeks of the date the order was requested. Notwithstanding the above rate, external service providers ensure that a visa application can, as a rule, be submitted without delay. The EU visa easing agreements with the following third countries no longer apply to biometric passport holders from countries that were subsequently exempted from the visa requirement: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Serbia and Ukraine. Agreements facilitating the issuance of visas promote contact between citizens between citizens and nationals of non-EU countries.

The agreements facilitate the issuance of visas for short-term stays and do not exceed 90 days of stay within 180 days.