“buganda agreement,” the Buganda agreements from 1894 to 1955 and all other agreements concluded on Her Majesty`s behalf with Kabaka, the chiefs and people of Buganda or the Kabaka government, but which do not contain buganda laws or permanent injunctions adopted under this Constitution; The 1955 Agreement October 18, 1955, the day after Muteesa`s return from exile, anh. If disputes between the two governments cannot be resolved by the establishment of an advisory committee, the matter is referred to a joint meeting chaired by the Governor, members of the Executive Council and the Minister of Buganda. This meeting not only takes into account the general interests of the protectorate, but also takes Buganda`s advice into full account. Such a meeting may also be convened, if necessary, to resolve any dispute arising from a governor`s response to a Greater Lukiko resolution, if the matter cannot be resolved through the ordinary consultation process between the minister concerned in Buganda and the resident. He added: “I will maintain the peace, order and good government of the Ugandan protectorate and I will entitle all kinds of people, in accordance with the above agreements, the Buganda Constitution, the laws and customs of Buganda and the laws of the Ugandan protectorate, without fear of favour, affection or ill will.” Article 3 of the Buganda Constitution of 1955 states: “Kabaka will succeed as before on the throne of Buganda by the ancestry and choice of the great Lukiiko. The name of the person elected by the great Lukiiko must be submitted to Her Majesty`s Government for approval, and no person shall be recognized as Kabaka de Buganda whose election has not received the approval of Her Majesty`s Government.¬†EidT was the bitter pill for Muteesa to swallow the solemn commitment. “I pledge to be faithful to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose protection Buganda enjoys, to govern well and truly his heirs and successors and to buganda according to the law, and to respect the terms of the agreements with Her Majesty and the Buganda Constitution,” he said, conforming to the Bible at the affirmation ceremony.